Exploring depression angles from the disability mirror:

Exploring depression angles from the disability mirror:
Mugambi Paul is a public policy, diversity, inclusion and sustainability expert.
Australian Chief Minister Award winner
“excellence of making inclusion happen”

Depression isn't always suicide notes and pill bottles.
It's also...

- Being emotionally distant

- Skipping work to sleep

- Overeating or not eating at all

- Social isolation

- Spending all day in bed

Although we generally think of depression as sadness,

depression is actually more of a syndrome consisting

of many symptoms related to sadness.

It’s something that a lot of us face at some point in our lives,

or it can be an ongoing struggle. But it no longer has to win!

Luckily, there are lots of actions we can take to lessen the severity of depression!

We can make small but meaningful changes to our body, mind and environment.

That means that each of us has the power to improve our quality of life.

But, what exactly, should we do?

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