Should governments offer cash award for marriage by persons with a disability to a person yet to be disabled? Author Mugambi Paul.

Some nations in Asia and some African countries have started to embrace support by governments to offer cash awards for marriages by persons with disabilities and persons yet to be disabled.
Moreover, in some countries it has been a practice done through religion.
Some say it is enhancing inclusion while others say it’s an exclusion of an already marginalized persons with disabilities by interfering with the individual choices and autonomy.
In other words, religion has been crucial in promoting marriages among persons with disabilities to persons who are yet to be disabled. In some cultures, this seemed to be practiced in order to secure the unmarried individuals with disabilties although this was not correctly celebrated like other marriages.

It seems now some government want to emulate this practice.
IA’s disability sage maker there are pertinent questions we need to discuss and through the YouTube channel you shall get to learn allot.
For example,

give cash award of `2.5 lakh to a persons yet to be disabled for marrying a Person
with Disability (PwD). BHUBANESWAR: In a bid to promote social harmony, Odisha Government
has decided to give cash award of 2.5 lakh to persons yet to be disabled for
marrying a Person with Disability (PwD). The Social Security and
Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (SSEPD) department has
floated a new scheme that promises an incentive of Rs 2.5 lakh to be
provided for the wedding between a person who is yet to b e disabled irrespective of
category of disability and a PwD so as to mainstream the latter in the
While the ST/SC Development department has already announced the cash incentive of `2.5 lakh for marriage between SC/ST and other caste, earlier the government was paying `50,000 for the marriage between PwDs. “The enhanced incentive will enable the couple to lead a normal and dignified life and also encourage people to marry a PwD,” said an official of SSPED.
As decided, the financial incentive will be given to the newlywed couple after proper scrutiny. To avail the reward, the bridegroom and bride must have completed 21 and 18 years of age respectively at the time of marriage and either of spouses must have not availed the incentive award under the scheme earlier. The marriage must have been dowry free.
The couple has to apply for it along with their marriage registration certificate. The incentive amount will remain fixed in the joint account of the couple and they can withdraw under joint signature after three years.

Sighted persons ask: What is braille? Author Mugambi Paul

Fortunately, being blind myself and with my lived social interactions with different individuals and levels.
Many have asked me severally how does a blind person communicate, access or deliver information.
When I tell them that I am grateful for our hero and father Mr. Louis they are surprised.
They don’t know if it wasn’t for him, I would be hidden somewhere in a cage or even a beggar in one of the markets in my country of origin.
As a global citizen I pay tribute to Mr. Louis who ensured that those who have seeing difficulties can be able to participate in the competitive world in all spheres of life.
Braille is a system used by people who are visually impaired to write and read. The Braille system was invented by Louis Braille, who was blind at early ages but good at learning. In 1825, inspired by a military code used by soldiers to communicate at night without lights, he invented the nonlinear writing system. In Braille’s system, each letter consists of six dot positions arranged in two columns with three dots each. Different letters are represented by the numbers and positions of raised dots. It should be noted that the first ten letters of the alphabet in Braille system also represent 10 digits, namely, 1 to nine and 0. So how do you differentiate a digit or a letter in text? Well, there is a special symbol called “Number Follows”, which always precedes a symbol that indicating a digit. These is also another symbol called “Capital Letter” that functions similarly, indicating the following letter is in capital. Lets meeti in the disability Sausage YouTube channel for much more.
The views expressed here are for the author and do not represent any agency or organization.
Mugambi Paul is a public policy, diversity, inclusion and sustainability expert.
Australian Chief Minister Award winner
“excellence of making inclusion happen”