Current Initiatives

Paul Mugambi currently serves as the Nairobi County Regional Coordinator for NCPWD
Where he is in charge of numerous issues concerning PWDs in the county such as
– Technical Guidance and disability mainstreaming in the region
– Participating in the formulation of the national policies and strategies on disability issues
– Planning and monitoring programs in the region
– Establishing Coordination of stakeholders in the region
– Mobilizing resources from donors and stakeholders
– Registration of PWDs and Facilitation of tax exemptions
– Recommendation of retirement age extensions for PWDs
– Education Support, mentoring and coaching

In addition to his official duties, Paul has initiated several programs -some on his own and others with your support – so as to achieve greater impact in our society. These initiatives include;

1.Team progress initiative
Being a well versed social media user, Paul engages extensively with his followers on facebook and Twitter for outreach purposes. The platforms provide a mode for mass mobilization of resources to support needy cases in the community.
An example of this initiative can be viewed on this link:
Facebook appeal helps woman get treatment for fibroids

2.Ability society of Kenya initiative
Founded in 2009, it is a platform for mentorship, career guidance, motivation, self advocacy skills and improvement of self esteem in schools and social gatherings.
Methods used:
a) Job shadowing
b) CV writing
c) Linkages with employers e.t.c

This is one initiative that came out of personal experience. After making over 385 job applications and somehow always being denied the opportunities, Paul wants to share with others like him how he managed to finally succeed in his long job hunting journey.

For more information about this initiative visit the following links:
People living with disability deserve a chance not pity – People daily
Ability Society of kenya
Out of silence talk show

3.Whitecane initiative
This is an initiative that ensures the blind and low vision persons have access to mobility aids. There is low awareness of the usage and importance of the whitecane . Road safety among the blind and low vision persons is a major barrier. This initiative intends to partner with like-minded individuals in order to change the perception and acquisition of this important tool.
As part of the initiative, we have a whitecane live forum via skype every Friday where blind and low vision persons from all over the world interact and share their experiences.
To join the conversation one only needs to add shamgpaul1 to their skype contacts with the text “I want to participate in the whitecane live forums”. You will get a response with the scheduling details.

4.Adaptive technology initiative.
Access to information is a basic right that should be extended to the blind . Blind people miss numerous opportunities because of misinformation or lack of it altogether. Even the Bible says “My people perish because of lack of knowledge“ It is therefore an area that paul seeks partnership to enable provisions of;

a) Braille reading
b)Information technology for the blind
In his own words Paul says “My dream is to have all blind and low vision individuals just like me within kenya and East Africa at large to be empowered to use ICT equipment and social media without limitation. In kenya there is only 0.001 % of blind people with access to I.T. this explains the low literacy level and access to the expensive ICT equipment.

Paul serves as a technical advisor on blind sports for Kenya Sports Association for the visually impaired (KESAVI)

6.Uhuru Lions initiative
This is an initiative of blind individuals geared towards empowermentTo support any of these initiatives kindly get in touch with Paul Mugambi through his cell phone number listed below or follow this link.