Do you remember? TBT for Kenya disabiity sector!

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Dear Fraternity members:

2013 - I have learnt that former Vice President
Kalonzo Musyoka is now forcing a disabled Wiper party nominated MP to
resign for him in order to get back to Parliament.

Kalonzo ,who was former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s running mate in
the last poll, is requesting nominated MP Robert Mutemi to resign for
him after all his ways of getting to parliament backfired.

According to sources close to the MP, Mutemi has fought against plans
to have his name removed from the nomination list to be replaced with
that of Kalonzo, arguing that his nomination is meant to cater for the
interests of people with disabilities in his constituency.

“Anybody thinking of dislodging me for political reasons would be
infringing the rights of the people living with disabilities. It is
something I will resist,” the MP said.

“If former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is staying out, then Kalonzo
can also stay out. The idea of having a nominated member step down for
him is selfish at worst,” the MP added.
Its the high time the Disability movement came out guns blazing and
defend our rightiful place in the new dispensation.
Kalonzo and Raila Odinga lost the election with a thud and they are
currently wooing Members of Parliament to step down for them so that
they can return to Parliament. it the high time we make known that we
are the 43rd tribe and it does not matter our party affiliations

Disability Disability..

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