Why “Uncle John” needs to be considered by the new sharif! Author Mugambi Paul.

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Kenyans with disabilities have equal rights to participate in and contribute to the society in which they live.
This is to say they are supposed to contribute to the political, social, cultural and economic spheres as envisaged in the constitution 2019 and uncrpd 2006.

Over the past two decades, there has been increasing recognition of disability inclusion within local and global development, and substantial progress has been made towards planning and instigating policies and programs that are disability-inclusive.
I opine, most African countries like Malawi, have benchmarked with Kenya in their pursuit for disability inclusive agendas [social protection 2018].
For example, persons with disability act 2003, draft disability policy, tax exemption regulation 2009, employment regulation 2009 employment act 2007 public procurement act, disability mainstreaming strategy 2018 etc.
This has seen the addressing of barriers related to inequities, poverty, and poor access to healthcare, education, social protection measures and employment opportunities experienced by Kenyans with disabilities.
Despite the successes achieved by the stakeholders in the disability sector.
There is need to enhance public participation and greater engagement of persons with disabilities from various backgrounds and the intention should be of ensuring quality representation.
As a public policy scholar, I observe most public policies have been developed based on insisted publics not the insisted publics [Carol 2018[I believe this trend can change. This will require inclusion involving people with disabilities across development policy and program design, and disability-targeted interventions.
There are glaring gaps between the rural persons with disabilities and the urban dwellers who are aware of the services and also rights of persons with disabilities. The disability sausage escapades show there is much to do to reduce the inequalities that exist even among persons with disabilities.

There is light at the end of the tunnel where the ganging fruits will be soon be ripe.
I perceive drastic measures will affix some monotonous procedures. That existed. More over the new sharif in town is a firm believer transformation.
Never the less, Disability inclusion is both a process and an outcome, ensuring people with disabilities meaningfully participate in development activities and enjoy the benefits of policies and programs on an equal basis with others. Evidence-based disability-inclusive policies and programming require reliable data on people with disabilities and their experiences. There have been several advancements in the methods for measuring disability, data collection methods (quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods), and reporting in recent years in the sector.
This Special Issue intends to strengthen the evidence-base on disability-inclusive global development, documenting both research methods and results related.
What does this open letter entail?
The passion of elaborate change of doing things.
For seventeen years persons with disabilities in Kenya have never enjoyed access to the Uncle John’s palace at the headquarters.
My sisters and brothers with mobility impairment can bare me witness!
Will the legacy of the new sharif in town break this barrier?
Evidently just like most public offices, when one has to visited the “Uncle john’s palace” if you may like accessible toilet, your met with a heavy lock.
After inquiry you are advised its normally a storage facility.
From my random sampling of visitors at the HQ where most persons with disabilities seek services, we don’t have an uncle john’s palace. The only one that exists is normally closed.

Of course, this is not the best way the neighbor might treat the visitors, I be certain of they will have better outcome.
Additionally, at the county and market levels most county government have provided this facility for free but surprisingly, it is not accessible for persons with disabilities.
What happens to persons with disabilities when nature demands?
Most persons with mobility impairments are forced not to seek uncle john’s palace services!
sharing the dream:
A day will come when NCPWD will have grand offices. Of which they will have conducted proper accessibility audit and boys, girls, men and women with different impairments will enjoy not just the services they will be seeking but even uncle John’s palace.
Most public and private sector will eventually get a place to benchmark what accessibility means.
Will any agency, friends of the disabled or government itself come and support this dream of many persons with disabilities?
Will we a day come when we shall join with ululation and grand celebrations for the achievement?