Technology accident Author Mugambi Paul:

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Technology accident
Author Mugambi Paul:generally speaking accessibility is a right to all.
This seems not to be the case.
Evidently with the recent updates or for those who have either bout new toys in the market or some whose devices got crashed things seems to be different.
ramification and effects of technology during Covid 2019 is now highly being felt.
I wonder is it the challenge of the screen readers or is it the Microsoft team who have ensured that when we blind fellows are typing, we cant hear what we are doing.
This is very unfortunate since we relight on the sense of hearing.
If one has no braille device one can not know what he or she is written.
Of late this has been a challenge.
Will companies, employers find alternative to this barrier which is intended to lock out the blind?
I have tried with narrator screen reader its able to read but am yet to learn its keystrokes.
This brings me to another appeal to the screen readers developers to think of universal designs of keystrokes. Obviously, this might not sound good for business but we the blind are forced to learn many keystrokes while our sighted counterparts just easily use their eyes and other devices with ease.
I believe accessibility is an attribute while inclusive design is a methodology
If the challenge which I have presented is by screen readers of Microsoft office kindly return us to the former updates.
I feel many more blind will be locked out while typing or transacting business over the documents and internet.