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To say the list COVID 19 you have devastated us from the village, lobal administration, district, regional levels.
Every sector has been impacted . We have lost relatives, friends, associates citizens and you have declared the invisible war for all of us.
Every nation of the world has been turned upside down.
Is it true you want to ensure all of us expire?
Many families are in despair, hopelessness has caved in.
We can’t meet the basic needs of life.
To the twin sisters pals of mine am still shocked by the loss of your dad. I can’t comprehend!
now even the blind community is moaning! COVID who brought you to us?
who should we run too?
systems have broken down!
Mental illnesses are on the rise!

Before COVID-19, the global health landscape was already undergoing a rapid and profound set of transitions that threaten to derail progress in health improvement. this is to say still challenges were being felt more especially for most persons with disabilities
According to article 25 of the UNCRPD the duty bearers need to ensure enhanced health and living standards are observed. There are four major, inter-linked transitions facing middle-income countries: shifts in diseases, demography, development assistance for health (DAH) and domestic health financing (the “4Ds” of global health transition). These health landscape transitions present significant opportunities and challenges for achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Kenya. Maintaining continued health progress—and achieving an acceleration in progress—will depend on how these four critical transitions are navigated. The COVID-19 pandemic has further complicated these transitions and has shaped the trajectory for how Kenya will handle health systems challenges in the future.

views expressed are for the author and do not represent any agency
Mugambi Paul is a public policy scholar, diversity and inclusion expert.