Business leadership should lift the standard of Kenyans with disabilities Author Mugambi Paul Opinions expressed here are of my own.

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Mugambi Paul is a public policy, diversity, inclusion and sustainability expert.

Australian Chief Minister Award winner

“excellence of making inclusion happen”

It’s time to end the mass exclusion of 15% of the global population with a disability] Sharon 2017, HI 2018 UNDP 2018.] This mass exclusion cannot be left to Governments and charities
alone, it needs the most powerful force on the planet, business leadership. CEOs make choices and choices create cultures] world economic forum 2019.

Fortunately, being a public scholar, am only too familiar with this, having seen the birth and having been instrumental in the quest of the Kenyans persons with disability act, which I don’t remember us celebrating any of its last 17th birthdays.
I am glad that the persons with disability act exist. In other words, I am happy in a measured way since it took more than 10 years of struggle from 1993 to be enacted after the Kibaki road accident.
Actually, the progress of implementation has been slow and tumultuous. Furthermore, it has taken 17 good years for the Kenya business crew to form a Kenya disability business network to champion employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
With the coming up of global commitment we have also evidently seen the launch of NCPWD career portal which will be a great gateway for employees with disabilities and also a platform for employers.
This is one of the great enablers for economic freedom for persons with disabilities.
Will we have a clear roadmap and monitoring of the employment of persons with disabilities?
Many studies affirm Persons with disabilities contribute great value when it comes to their productivity, and diversity of lived experience and thought to their employers
– bringing a competitive advantage to their businesses.
Additionally, in my pursuit of the policy issues which I have dedicated my career to, including those relating to disability inclusion, I have established
the Disability sausage YouTube channel for Public Policy & Citizen Engagement, a non-partisan YouTube channel.
We shall be engaging on this and much more.
All in all, the treasury audit of persons with disabilities will be the key of unlocking the execution of the yet to be reappealed act. Thus, informing future policy statements

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