Mugambi Paul graduation

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#thanks to the almighty God.
Am humbled to have been a state guest at the Kenya high commission.
The embassy held a graduation party in honor of my academic success and social inclusion agenda.
Thanks to the ambassador
Issaiah Kabira, and the Australian family
β€œ#DFAT, #Australia awards, Kenyan students, #fitability, #CMS radio team, #People with disabilities ACT and all friends for the recognition .
Being a treil blaza on this, I hope many more will follow soot.
Coming from the largest marginalized group of persons with disabilities its not a mean achievement.
Setting standards higher.
I hope the mark I have set can be broken or made much better for future scholars with disabilities.
I will let my smile change the world, but I won’t allow the world change my smile.
I never imagined I would conquer the people’s hearts.
Once you belive in yourself go for it.

the sky is not the limit since there are footprints on the moon.

Humility, simplicity, prudence and integrity will see closed doors open.
I have learnt to Consult not my fears but my hopes and my dreams.
#be humble



thanks to the team from the embassy, friends God bless you great momments are made by this experience. step by step we can make a world a better place. its possible when granted the opportunity. we can go beyond the limit #disability is not inability

thanks to the friends,, organizations People with disabilities ACT, DFAT< Austtalia awards team, CMS Radio Blind cricket Fitabiity embassy crew for the love and friendship you granted me. you shall for ever remain in my heart.[/caption] [caption id="attachment_377" align="aligncenter" width="1280"] enjoying the moment with great friends, Fit-ability, team, CMS radio, fellow Kenyan students and Australian family

Addressing guests at the Kenyan embassy on my wonderful experience of how the Australia awards has transformed my life for the betterment of contributing to making a world a better place through ensuring social protection and participation of persons with disabilities in both public and private affairs. thanks to DFAT Australia Awards the Australia national university #crawford school for the enormous support and the faith you had in me.