Welcome to My Website !!

My name is Mugambi Paul  and I am passionate about serving and positively influencing others through the many platforms that God has blessed me with.

The first thing you'll notice here is unlike other websites, mine is a bit too wordy and the images have long descriptions. That's deliberate. It is how the blind community view and experience   the world around them . 

I have an interesting back story which you will find here. Mpofu Namba 1 is a brand name of the platform I use to inspire others mainly through music. I am also an established author with published articles appearing in reputable journals. In 2021, I was named among the top 25 Men in Kenya who are influencing digital space on disability inclusion.

Over the years I have created unique content  that I wish to share exclusively with my VIP  members. This includes music tracks and videos ranging from exclusive interviews  to in-depth analysis of  various topical issues affecting persons with disabilities. 

By signing up for VIP membership on my website, for only $10 per year, you'll be supporting my initiatives aimed at addressing the many problems facing PWDs and other disadvantaged groups in my motherland - Kenya. In short, It's all for a worthy cause!!    

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As the Quote by Tennis Great Martin Navratilova says on the leading image of this website's main slider, "Disability is a matter of perception, if you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone" 

My Story

I am a public policy scholar, diversity and inclusion expert in both development and humanitarian sphere, strategist, first blind cricket player in east Africa, tandem rider, disability influencer, musician, mentor and leader just to mention a few. The main essence of this website however is to share with you my journey as a blind person, my struggles and triumphs in life, and my work on disability issues. It’s my hope that you will be inspired in whatever circumstances you are currently in.

My Philosophy

My philosophy is captured in the believe of diversity an inclusivity. I believe Persons with disabilities are a heterogeneous group with an extensive experience of impairments as well as identities. Being from an indigenous community in Africa, I believe in raising the voice of the marginalized among the disability space and recognizing the existence of intersectionality. My passion is driven by my lived experience as a proud Blind person and the urge of transforming lives through structural and systemic process of incorporating rights in the process of inclusion.