The White Cane Initiative: Kenya Chapter 2019 Author Mugambi Paul The

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The White Cane Initiative: Kenya Chapter 2019
Mugambi Paul
The White Cane Initiative began because of much-needed awareness and the usage of the white cane. I composed a song titled “Heshima kwa fimbo yangu” (Respect to my White Cane), that spoke to the challenges that blind persons faced in their day-to-day activities, and spoke to how I lost my sight and the friendship I had with my whitecane. Additionally the song spoke to the myths and perceptions that the society had about the cane. As a result , a lot of blind and visually impaired persons who listened to the song could relate to it. During my travels, as well as working in the disability sector for 15 years, I observed that there was a great need for white canes in Kenya. There was a famine of white canes in Kenya as my fellow blind, and visually-impaired persons were unable to access the vital tool for their basic independence, or they could not afford it.
I reached out to some of my friends abroad i.e. the United States and we partnered together in the first white cane initiative in Kenya under the slogan “empowering the blind one cane at a time”. The partners in this initiative were YouCaneGive and Global Cane Outreach who donated 110 refurbished white canes and 100 Solar Audio Bibles. We have received various testimonies from the recipients who have encouraged me to continue with this initiative moving forward. The white cane initiative is a dream come true for many blind and vision impaired persons. The real problem of blindness is not the lack of eyesight but is the lack of vision. The little efforts that we put in is what can change the world to become a better place.
You can click the following links for learning and experiencing the change we have created in the 4 Kenyan counties.



Kiambu county:


For further inquiry or if you wish to donate to this cause, you can reach me on my email or