Black Friday for the Disabled in Kenya Friday 13th July: 2018

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As all the Kenyan media houses captured in their beautiful headlines on the reshuffle by president Uhur.
Some lobby group amongst the largest minority who are persons with disabilities were crying foul Over the nonexistence of the board to the government agency in charge of disability matters for the last 14 months.
Despite the inaction of the government the lobby group lacked the zeal and energy to address the real strategic issues facing persons with disabilities.
Although they have a genuine concern It is false to claim services to persons with disabilities have been grounded because of lack of board.
Its prudent to understand that persons with disabilities are supposed to be served in all mainstream service providers.
In actual sense the lobby never provided the statistics or evidence to established who have missed particular services because of nonexistence of the board.
On the other hand, President Uhuru Kenyatta has made changes in the Cabinet, and Diplomatic Service as part
of his ongoing efforts to re-engineer the Government in line with his Big 4 development blueprint. Evidently, this mean reshuffle has showed that still no person with disability was elevated or promoted to any post
this is one of the major advocacy agenda which the lobby could have pronounced itself since this captures the issues on employment.
According to Section 54(2) of the Kenya constitution 2010 requires the state to ensure that at least 5
% of the members of the public in elective and appointive
bodies are persons with disabilities.
The persons with disabilities in Kenya need to reengineer the advocacy process in order to meet the long-term objectives of ensuring the mainstream services are accessible to all.
This can be actualizing by also making the agency in charge of disability to focus on monitoring and facilitating persons with disabilities organization to offer services and direct thee energy towards empowerment of persons with disabilities in ensuring provision of social protection by mainstream service providers.
The in addition, Kenyan parliamentarians with disabilities need to respond to the in
the disability community.
To what extent are they influencing effectively the voice of persons with disabilities at the legislature and the executive?

The big query is: what shall it take for the Kenyan government to effectively address the barriers of inclusion among persons with disabilities?
Paul Mugambi is a senior policy consultant and commentator on social public discoes.