Why people fear to be Blind like me:

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Let’s speak to being blind first.
We’re seen as the lowest functioning facet of society.
The worst possible thing an able-bodied person can think of is
losing all their vision.
I’ve heard people say they would rather be deaf than blind.
I’ve heard people say they would rather have lost a limb than lose
their eyesight.
Being blind is so scary people will do anything possible to keep their remaining vision, even if it means spending all their savings and
then some.
People would rather risk dying on operating tables than lose all their vision. I know this isn’t everybody but this is the majority.
from different interviews and interactions I have hard and listened to all.

We’re either the helpless things on planet earth or our disability is morphed into some super power to make it bearable to consume in media. Either we’re
stupid or inspiration porn. Either, we’re aliens or superheroes. We’re never human.
It’s a kind of lifestyle nobody knows about. Even other minorities have much more privileges. One example I can think of, out of many, is that Ogiek with out a disability Makonde, and
Elmolo people of Kenya have more work opportunities than we do and we will for a very long time. A ogiek, Elmolo, and Makonde who’s already discriminated against, will get a
job over us. Why is this important to point out? Because it’s a way to highlight why beating us down after we have worked for over years to make a fraction of perceptions
about us broaden is beyond shallow. We work twice as hard to live and to just be human in the eyes of other humans. We have A hard skill set by default.
Problem solving, and, still, employers will see that as a weakness.
When will employer’s in Kenya see the abilities of my people not just the disabilities.
I believe I have 1 % disability and 99 % abilities. Paul Mugambi is a senior policy consultant and commentator on social public discoes.