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My name is Paul Mugambi . I am passionate about serving and positively influencing others through the many platforms that God has blessed me with.

I have an interesting back story which you will find here.
Mpofu Namba-1 brand name is a platform I use to inspire others mainly through music.

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My Story

I wear many hats; I am a disability mainstreaming and inclusion expert, musician, mentor, leader and sportsman just to mention a few. The main essence of this website however is to share with you my journey as a blind person, my struggles and triumphs in life, and my work on disability issues. It’s my hope that you will be inspired in whatever circumstances you are currently in.

My Philosophy

I believe we are all created with immense talents bestowed upon us by the Almighty and it is therefore our duty to use those talents to create space where there is no space. To create opportunities to serve others to the best of our abilities and to be assertive about our rights. In the words of Dr. Twinsburg said in 1940, “Collectively we are the masters of our future and the successful guardian of our own common interest.”